Aw, you want to know all about us? That's nice, thanks for stopping by!  Well, what can we tell you; Ta Ta Dearie HQ is based by the English seaside in (sometimes) sunny Whitstable.  It's origins though started out much further away, in Australia.  Ta Ta's founder, Eve Chataway (aka 'The Old Dear in Chief'), was living with her husband in Sydney, and wanted something to brighten up the rather bare walls of their rented house. 

Inspired by all the Aussie slang and colloquialisms she'd been learning since living down under, she got to work designing a bright typographic artwork comprised of all the Aussie phrases she'd heard. Shortly after this she designed a companion artwork, a Cockney typographic print, to reflect her London background. 

Both the artworks were commented on, Aussie visitors liked to try and work out what all the cockney phrases meant, while visiting Brits tried to guess all the meanings of the Aussie slang.  It started conversations, and many people asked where they were from and requested if they could buy them.  So from these simple beginnings Ta Ta Dearie was born.    

Fun and vibrancy is very much what Ta Ta Dearie is about, but also important to all of us here is making art affordable.  The Dears here at Ta Ta HQ love to lark about and raise a smile, and hope that all the products in our range reflect that.  We're on a mission to offer quality, vibrant, statement pieces for all.