'What Would Brienne Do?' Greeting Card

'What Would Brienne Do?' Greeting Card

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Whether you've a flat tyre, the boiler breaks mid-shower, or you're fighting off a band of marauding bandits, thinking 'What Would Brienne of Tarth Do?' will always help.

Brienne of Tarth is a woman of honour, bravery, fighting skill, and, in the opinion of Ta Ta HQ, a kick-ass warrior babe.  Of course when we find ourselves in a crummy situation we ask ourselves what Brienne might do.  This 'What Would Brienne Do?' greeting card will help inspire us to just like our heroine, and conduct ourselves in a manner which would make the beauty of the Sapphire Isle proud. 


  • Card measures 130mm by 130mm
  • Printed on quality white 350gsm card
  • Comes complete with white gummed envelope